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Lifting solutions for parcel carrier terminals

Parcel carrier terminals


At parcel carrier terminals there is always manual handling of parcels at some point. Manual handling is often the only alternative when loading and unloading containers or trailers, sorting parcels between pallets, cages and conveyors.

In this type of operation manual handling is typically high tempo in work postures that often cause injuries, if not performed with some lifting aid.

Keeping in mind the weight of parcels can often be around 90 lbs., manual handling affects your body. Repetitive strain injuries and severe injury to, for example, spine and shoulders is common. The result is what you don’t want - high sick absence, low productivity and dissatisfied workers.


Vaculex® has developed and implemented lifting technology to solve the manual handling problems at parcel carrier terminals. The results are ergonomic vacuum lifting solutions that potentially increase productivity while still minimizing the risk for repetitive strain injuries and other injuries to, for example, the spine.

Integrating Vaculex® ergonomic lifting equipment into the existing handling system is easy. In cases where there is limited space such as low head room, narrow passages and confined areas, Vaculex® has a flexible solution.

A common challenge at the receiving dock is unloading loose loaded containers and trailers. This is one of the most physically demanding jobs at parcel carrier terminal, due to heavy lifting, bad posture, high intensity and a work environment that is also often in need of other improvements.

Vaculex® ergonomic vacuum lifting equipment for parcel carrier terminals offer solutions for:


Cartoners (carton erectors) are designed to construct cartons and containers from flat blanks made of flexible paper board or similar materials.

Case & tray
Case & tray

Case erectors erect boxes from flat sheets of corrugated material.

Handling of flexible packages
Handling of flexible packages

Flexible packaging material is the generic term for soft packages made of film, foil or paper sheeting. Popular forms are stand-up pouches, bags, sachets and envelopes.


Two fairly common methods of applying labels with vacuum are tamp-on labeling and blow-on labeling.

Palletizing & depalletizing

There is a wide selection of products that is used very much today when palletizing e.g. suction cups, large area vacuum gripper systems, or ergonomic handling systems in combination with vacuum pumps…


The use of robots for placing products in cartons and transfer of cartons and products between different stations in the packaging lines is very common in all industries.

Palletizing boxes and parcels
Palletizing and depalletizing

Piab has developed Vaculex® specialized lifting solutions for palletizing which reduce repetitive strain injuries as well as improving productivity.

Ergonomic lifter
Ergonomic lifter

Reducing injury and increasing productivity are often accomplished with the aid of ergonomic lifting devices.

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