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Piab in the Automotive industry


In the automotive industry it is included all those companies and activities involved in the manufacture of motor vehicles, including most components, such as engines, bodies and plastic parts. The industry's principal products are passenger automobiles and light trucks, including pickups, vans, and sport utility vehicles. The focus is productivity, energy saving, high speed with no compromise on safety and connectivity. Piab's solutions for highly automated production lines in the automotive industry are found in the press shop, body shop and final assembly. Piab also has special products for manual handling devices and for automotive sub-supplier industries, such as tailored-welded blanks, glass, tires and plastic interior/exterior parts.

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Auto racking

The size and weight of the panels make it difficult for operators to manually handle and racking them. Robots are used and typically equipped with a vision system.

Destacking layers of sheet
Destacking layers of sheets

Blanks of metal (magnetic or non-magnetic), plastic, wood or cardboard are separated from a stack and fed into the line. Vacuum pumps and cups are used to “pick-up/separate” and feed.

Ergonomic lifter
Ergonomic lifter

Reducing injury and increasing productivity are often accomplished with the aid of ergonomic lifting devices.

Metal body assembly
Metal body assembly

In a robot assembly cell, where for instance car doors are produced, at least a few robots use vacuum in handling operations.

Metal stamping and press transfer
Metal stamping and press transfer

Vacuum tooling for handling the panel changes each time a new part shall be pressed. This is a high speed application where friction cups for oily surfaces are needed for maximum performance.

Metal stamping/parts assembly
Metal stamping/parts assembly

Robots are used for welding parts together and for material handling. In a robot cell at least a few robots use vacuum in handling operations.

Tailored blanks of sheet
Tailored blanks of sheets

Joining metal materials of different thickness, strength or coating type produce a ”'tailored blank” ready for stamping. Vacuum is used in several stages of the process, mostly for feeding/loading and…

Vacuum assembly fixture - clamping
Vacuum assembly fixture - clamping

In several industries there are clamping fixtures where suction cups are used to hold parts during assembly, forming, cutting or other machining operations.

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