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Code of conduct

Code of conduct

A truly successful company creates value based on solid work ethics to their customers, suppliers, partners, owners, employees and society.


  • We support and will act in accordance with the United Nations Human Rights and Intl. Labor Standards, ILO Convention
  • With respect to our Core Values we follow the UN recommendations of sanctions and restrictions of business activities in the countries that are highlighted by UN.
  • Our passion is to increase customer value. We strive to be clear on expectations and capabilities. In our business dealings, we expect our suppliers to respect our business principles and also act in accordance to support these basic human rights and recommendations of sanctions, a safe working environment and fair business practices.

Honesty and integrity

  • We expect relationships to be mutually beneficial and encourage our customers and partners to uphold our principles and standards.
  • All publicity and advertising must be proper and truthful. We create business with legal and ethical methods without using bribes.
  • When decisions are made, we will dedicate appropriate resources necessary to reach the goal.
  • The company assets are to be treated with the utmost respect. Personal profit or careless management will not be tolerated.

Environmental responsibility

  • Our greatest contribution to the environment is selling more of our energy-saving products.
  • The Piab group of companies are committed to making continuous improvements in the management of our environment so that future generations will be given the possibility of knowing and enjoying fresh air, clean water, and a forest that is alive and exuberant.

Social responsibility

  • Being a responsible company, it is our duty to follow the laws of the regions and countries of operation.
  • Piab will defend its valuable name and trusted trademark so as to protect our customers from fraudulent competitors.
  • By our behavior in society and in the media, Piab will be seen as the model for exceptional ethical conduct.


  • The management of Piab is expected to exhibit individual leadership as a role model for maintaining the highest standard of ethical conduct.
  • Every Manager is responsible for educating, increasing awareness, and insuring our values are understood and observed by all employees.

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