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Value Line® VL206 vacuum generator 1/8", 02.05.733

  • Ejector with improved vacuum performance compared to corresponding size conventional single-stage ejector.
  • Ejector stage without flap valve gives high reliability in dirty and dusty environments.
  • Light weight body.
  • Integrated push-in fittings or thread connection for quick and low cost installation.
  • Available in “Inline”, “T-design” or aluminum block version.
  • The T-design is suitable if exhaust air needs to be piped away.
  • The VL206 1/8” block version is an easy-to-install alternative, targeting operators of basic automated vacuum systems.
Metric   Imperial
Item number, alternative .
Material NBR (FKM), PA, SS, Al
Noise level 71 – 76 dBA
Temperature 14 – 176 °F
Weight 1.62 oz
Feed pressure 72.5 psi
Feed pressure, max. 102 psi
Feed pressure Air consumption Evacuation time (s/cf) to reach different vacuum levels (-inHg) Max vacuum
psi scfm 15 -inHg
73 1.36 36.8 20.7
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    • Value Line general

      • Are there any free samples I can receive for evaluation?
      • Is the Value Line® product available with volume based discount?
        • Yes, suction cups are. ≥30 pcs 15%, ≥100 pcs 30%.

      • Is there any pricing information available?
      • What is the delivery time for Value Line® items?
        • 1 day (off the shelf delivery).

    • Value Line ejectors

      • Are the Value Line® ejectors available with vacuum non-return (check) valve?
        • No.

      • Are there several designs or types?
        • Yes, the Value Line® ejectors come in three designs: "Inline", "T-design" and the "VL206 1/8" which is an aluminum body with 2 cartridges. The T-design is ideal when exhaust needs to be piped away, and the VL206 1/8" is ideal when a higher flow is needed.

      • Are Value Line® ejectors suitable in dusty environments, where a vacuum filter can't be used?
        • Yes, as no flap-valve is used both versions work well in dusty environments.

      • Can the Value Line ejectors be used in clean room environments?
        • Yes, the T-design is suitable for clean-room environments.

      • How is the vacuum performance compared to conventional Piab ejectors?
        • They do not reach as deep vacuum levels as Piab multi stage ejectors and initial flow is lower.

      • How is vacuum performance compared to single stage ejectors?
        • Better than conventional single-stage ejectors, up to 25-30% more efficient.

      • What is the ejector performance and capacity?
        • Ejectors reach vacuum level of 70 -kPa  / 21,0-inHg.

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