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0201692Second stage filter unit P600-800
0129790Wall mounting kit pump piPREMIUM 100-400
0222806Transition piece 21 to BFM Ø150 mm with filter
Configure your piFLOW®t
0209090Valve unit with E/P – ECU
0209135Valve unit w/o E/P – ECU
0206264Mounting girdle cpl. piFLOW®p/t Ø33
0206488Pipe fitting straight 32x32 NBR FCM
0201791Hose connector TC 1"SMS - Ø25 cpl
0202969Hose connector kit TC 50x1.65
0202970Hose connector kit TC 63x1.65
0244307Reducer in. 1 1/2"- 1 1/4" out. SS
0201691Second stage filter unit P200-400
0222805Transition piece 33 to BFM Ø200 mm with filter
0104491Regulator kit piFLOW®p 1" 600-800
0206487Pipe fitting straight 40x40 NBR FCM
0201792Hose connector TC2"OD - Ø38 cpl
0244306Reducer in. 1 1/2"- 1" out. SS
0244308Reducer in. 2"- 2" out. SS
0232949Pipe bend Ø38 - 90°
0103977Clamp ring 33 cpl
0208461Container module half 33/6 mk2
0202250Control unit PPT/RS 3/2
0207089Pleated filter SS L=597
0201717Second stage filter unit P64
0201797Hose connector TC4"OD - Ø102 cpl
0201649Maintenance kit piFLOW® pumps
0103972Clamp ring 21 cpl
0107510Container module half 33/13
0108526Container module half 56/8
0104395Container 21/9
0111636Control unit PPT/RS
0129190Pump piPREMIUM100 Si32-3x4
0112864Valve unit VU EP-1 (included regulator set to 2.5 bar)
0201025Wall mounting kit pump piPREMIUM 600-800
0129191Pump piPREMIUM200 Si32-3x8
0104390Clamp ring 33 cpl handles
0106127Clamp ring 56 cpl
0103856Container 33/16
0106189Container 56/26
0111624Cone 21/16 with pipe stud Ø51x1.2
0207356Control unit CU-2A, bottom valve NO
0206492Pipe fitting straight reducer 40x32 NBR FCM
0205475Pipe fitting straight 63 x 63 NBR FCM
0201796Hose connector TC3"OD - Ø51 cpl
0201794Hose connector TC3"OD - Ø63 cpl
0202966Hose connector kit TC 25x1.2
0232952Pipe bend Ø76,1 - 90°
0207087Pleated filter SS L=213
0107512Container module half 21/5
0104397Container module 21/9
0103857Container module 33/26
0106179Container module 56/16
0111445Cone 21/14 with pipe stud Ø76.1x1.6
0207357Control unit CU-2B, bottom valve NC
0107880Flange for welding 33/2
0129192Pump piPREMIUM400 Si32-3x16
0206484Pipe fitting straight reducer 75x50 NBR FCM
0129749Hose connector TC2"OD - Ø32 cpl
0201795Hose connector TC3"OD - Ø76 cpl
0244303Reducer in. 3/4"-1/4" out. SS
0232953Pipe bend Ø101,6 - 90°
0205693Pleated filter SS L=178
0207088Pleated filter SS L=298
0209275Feed adapter D=50, piFLOW®t
0107511Container module half 21/8
0104396Container module 21/16
0106178Container module 56/43
0111642Cone 21/16 with pipe stud Ø153x1.5
0112829Cone 21/12 with pipe stud Ø101.6x2.0
0206483Pipe fitting straight 75x75 NBR FCM
0206485Pipe fitting straight 50x50 NBR FCM
0244304Reducer in. 3/4"-1/2" out. SS
0103860Container module 33/12
0207355Control unit CU-1B, bottom valve NC
0242365Control unit CU-3B, bottom valve NC
0107851Flange for welding 21/2
0201690Second stage filter unit P100
0202248Valve unit VU EP-1 (regulator fully open)
0206486Pipe fitting straight 100x100 NBR FCM
0206491Pipe fitting straight reducer 50x40 NBR FCM
0201793Hose connector TC2"OD - Ø51 cpl
0202967Hose connector kit TC 32x1.2
0244305Reducer in. 1 1/2"- 3/4" out. SS
0232951Pipe bend Ø63,5 - 90°
0108523Flange for welding 56/2
0128721Mounting girdle cpl. piFLOW®p Ø21
0207354Control unit CU-1A, Bottom valve NO
0206490Pipe fitting straight reducer 100x75 NBR FCM
0201798Hose connector TC4"OD - Ø76 cpl
0202968Hose connector kit TC 38x1.2
0232950Pipe bend Ø50,8 - 90

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