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Two fairly common methods of applying labels with vacuum are tamp-on labeling and blow-on labeling. Tamp-on labeling machines apply pressure-sensitive spot labels. A vacuum tamp pad is used to hold and place the label on the package after it is released from its backing sheet. The vacuum holds the label as the pad pushes (tamps) the label against the container. Vacuum is then released and the pad is positioned to catch the next label. Blow-on labeling is very similar, with vacuum holding a label to a plate until the container is in position to receive the label. Vacuum is released and a blast of positive air pressure pushes the label against the container. These machines can operate at very high speeds.

Advantages with Piab

  • Reduced energy consumption with COAX® technology
  • Secure and fast grip thanks to high initial vacuum flow of Piab vacuum pumps
  • Specialized suction cup designs and materials

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