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Safe palletising of wet vehicle batteries with Piab DURAFLEX® Friction Cups

Piab's DURAFLEX® Friction Cups, plays a major part in Gruppo Esea's pick-and-place system for a leading automotive battery manufacturer.


Kenos® foam grippers to support high-speed handling of paint drums

Using Kenos® KVG120 foam grippers by Piab, Dromont Group designed a successful pick-and-place system for a paint production line at a major UK chemical company.


From Ground to 20 Meters up: Piab’s Automated System Conveys Corn Seed Coating Powder up to Fourth Floor

Bayer Hungaria Kft. enjoys the benefits of Piab’s automated solution for their corn seed coating powder transportation. The implementation of Piab's piFLOW®f conveyors completely reduced the need for manual handling.  

Piab vacuum foam gripper Kenos® KVGL has improved the operating cycle of end-of-line robots by 35% for Spanish company Steelgran Componentes S.A.

Piab carton palletizing solution improved Steelgran’s productivity by 35%

Piab vacuum foam gripper Kenos® KVGL has improved the operating cycle of end-of-line robots by 35% for Spanish company Steelgran Componentes S.A.

Piab's Kenos® KVGL gripper

Increasing palletizing cycles in a food application.

MAXPRO achieved great advantages in bag handling with Piab's Kenos® KVGL gripper...

Piab Kenos® KVG gripper

Increased productivity in the packaging and palletising of boxes.

Using Piab's KVG and KVGL series of Kenos® grippers, Eklego designed and manufactured a state-of-the-art end-of-line system...


Automatic box palletising in the food industry

BX suction cups made of double-strength Duraflex® in combination with Piab's COAX® vacuum generation technology have enabled Tradicional Panadera to palletise different carton formats with a single gripper.


Flexible and efficient handling of raw wood runners in a strapping system

Using Piab's Kenos® KVG grippers, Officina Meccanica Sestese SpA designed and manufactured an end-of-line packaging machine installed at a leading company in Southeast Europe, a manufacturer of components for the furniture industry.


Coffee delight thanks to Piab's vacuum conveyor at Minges Coffee Roasters

The coffee capsules and pods from Minges Coffee Roasters have been filled uncomplicatedly thanks to Piab's piFLOW®f...


Increased productivity in forming boxes in a veterinary application

Using Piab's B52XP suction cups and piCOMPACT23 SMART pump, Cob-Solution designed and built a system to handle the picking and opening of cardboard boxes at Rao Farmaceutici, Sicilian veterinary pharmacy that is investing in e-commerce and selling throughout all Europe.


The dream team: The Wyzo sidebot combined with Piab's extremely lightweight Mini Cobot gripper (MCG)

With a maximum payload of one kilogram for the Wyzo sidebot, the weight of the gripper is critical. Therefor Piab's featherweight Mini Cobot gripper (MCG) at 270 gr, fits perfectly.


Reinventing intralogistics

A unique, intelligent, solution that automates the intralogistics and material handling from inbound to the finished, delivered kitted items at the individual production lines has been created...


Automatic handling of packaged biscuits with Piab’s vacuum technology

Using Piab's suction cups and vacuum pumps, Tecno Pack SpA has designed and built grippers...


The dm distribution center relies on Piab suction cups

dm is currently the largest drugstore in Europe. At their distribution center a large part of the pallets is depalletized with...


Safe automatic handling of glass sheets with Piab’s vacuum technology

Forvet SpA has created end-of-arm tools that allow handling glass sheets of different sizes...


With Piab’s area gripper, the handling of furniture parts is child's play

The machine builder GO GmbH were looking for an “all-in-one” gripper solution that can be used to stack both loose and packaged furniture parts on and off pallets, as well as the pallets themselves. The solution was...


Delivering clean sugar with Piab’s piFLOW®p vacuum conveyor

To improve product quality and prevent losses India’s leading manufacturer M. B. Sugar trusts...


At Nipro the piCOMPACT® provides the vacuum performance needed in production of pharma packaging made of glass

With 32,500 cycles per day, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, this application is one of those with the highest number of...


JAM Automation moves 250kg heavy profiles with Piab’s Kenos® grippers

To automaticaly remove extruded aluminium profiles from cassettes in high-bay warehouses, JAM Automation created...


Automatic handling of porcelain stoneware slabs and related sub-formats

Thanks to Piab's Kenos® KVG area vacuum gripper, an extreme variability of sizes and surfaces can be managed, using just a single gripper. This allowed...


High flexibility and safe gripping in a cosmetic application with Piab's cobot gripper

Effedi Automation chose the piCOBOT® gripper, COAX® vacuum technology and BX suction cups by Piab to handle the palletizing operations of a...


Industrial Bakery Austerschmidt in Germany automates handling of seeds with Piab’s vacuum conveyors

Employee relief and careful use of resources prompted the industrial bakery Austerschmidt in Germany to switch the handling of seeds from a manual to an automated process. In piFLOW®f vacuum conveyors, they found the critical tools.


With Piab's gripper, Best Handling Technology improves the ergonomics of its customer at 32 workstations

Healthy, satisfied employees, increased efficiency, flexibility, and sustainability - regardless of the industry, the reasons are always the same that give cause to a higher degree of automation in handling tasks. German Best Handling Technology was able to achieve all of this for its customer, a leading logistics service provider, with a suction cup equipped Kenos® area gripper.


DCL realizes flexible automation solution with Piab’s piCOBOT® vacuum gripper on an UR 10e robot

Looking for a flexible, easy to integrate, plug-and-play solution to handle picking and packing of items into boxes in their fulfilment center DCL Logistics based in Fremont, CA, resorted to an UR 10e robot combined with Piab’s piCOBOT® vacuum gripper.


Automatic handling of boxes and interlayers for the production of security cards

With a single gripper consisting of four B75 silicon suction cups by Piab, Robotecnik designed and manufactured a palletising robot to handle efficiently the end-of-line operations of Banca d'Italia.


Absolute precision in the handling of thermoforms, with sealing rings, and their transport supports

System integrator Umbra Control chose Piab's Kenos® KCS gripper, in a special version with four suction cups, to accurately and efficiently handle Meccanotecnica Umbra's end-of-line pick and place operations for the production of seals for the automotive industry.


Safe conveying of instant milk granules with Piab’s piFLOW®p vacuum conveyor

Polmlek Raciaz, a Polish producer of various milk-based products faced a problem of breaking granules during the transfer of instant milk within its process. In Piab’s piFLOW®p vacuum conveyor they found the solution they were searching for. Equipped with an ejector with a high vacuum flow, they were able to adjust the speed to maintain the granules as planned.


Automated palletizing of sweet tea and juice from a cold room

While palletizing cartons is a regular automation application, doing so from a cold room that is regularly hosed with water to stay clean is a specific challenge. Motion Controls Robotics overcame these by using vacuum technology from Piab supplied by Neff Group Distributors.


Handling cheese blocks right with Piab’s vacuum technology

Packaging cheese blocks vacuum-wrapped in film represents a major challenge for process automation. With the help of Piab’s piGRIP® configurable suction cups and high-performance vacuum ejectors, the machine and plant manufacturer TGW Robotics GmbH has developed a gripper that ensures a stable process.


Tradichem uses Piab’s vacuum conveyor to miniaturize active pharma ingredients

Size matters – particularly in competitive markets such as pharma and nutraceuticals due to its direct result on costs. Tradichems patented Hipering® process begins right at the start of the process chain by miniaturizing the ingredients. Thanks to Piab’s piFLOW®p vacuum conveyor their patented process is continuously fed thus maintaining the required pressure level.


Kora uses Piabs piFLOW®p vacuum conveyor for the efficient filling of superfoods

Fast and easy product changes, compliance with food and pharmaceutical standards, and high energy efficiency for sustainable resource conservation. For Kora the Piab vacuum conveyors are the perfect link between the process steps. Because they meet just these criteria.


Piab conveys micro-additives for pet and farm animal food in Conberg solution

While micro-additives are an important part in today’s pet and farm animal food, their strongly varying amount per recipe poses a challenge in automating the transfer from dosage stations to the mixer. System integrator Conberg in Poland developed a suitable solution based on Piab’s piFLOW®f vacuum conveyor.


robominds calls Piab's new MX suction cup the "Super Cup"

According to robominds, the latest vacuum technology product from Piab has earned this nickname because it simply lifts anything - regardless of the material, geometry, or surface structure. And so, the all-rounder is exactly the suction cup that robominds has been missing for its picking solutions for eCommerce customers and manufacturers of complex products.


Automatic handling of cheese slice pouches of different formats at high process speeds

With the use of piGRIP® suction cups, certified for food contact, and COAX® vacuum generators, both Piab's products, CAMA Group has created a cutting-edge packaging system that allows to handle 280 pouches of cheese slices per minute.


Automatic handling of pasta packs

With the use of a single Kenos® KVGL vacuum gripper by Piab, Selematic has created a state-of-the-art automatic packaging system, achieving a significant cost reduction and an important productivity increase when handling different formats and various layers of pasta.


Automated veneer handling - sheet by sheet

With the help of Piab’s Kenos KVG area gripper, Heinrich Kuper GmbH carries out veneer sorting systems. The biggest challenge was to pick up split and perforated sheets one by one with a vacuum gripping system. Piab’s innovative and fine tuneable vacuum technology makes such sensitive handling possible.


Visors protecting people against COVID-19 from Somtech are now handled with Piab components

The fast delivery of gripping components from Piab allows Somtech to produce 56,000 visors a week with immediate effect.


With Piab’s bag grippers, Sapho increases its pace

With Piab's hybrid bag gripper, Sapho was able to significantly increase their cycle times in order to be optimally prepared for the winter business for road salt.

Palletizing of bags with road salt

Piab’s hybrid bag gripper increased productivity by 33%

Sapho can now palletize 9 bags per minute instead of 6 with the old system and the process runs smoothly without damaging the road salt bags.

Kenos® vacuum gripper

Piab’s Kenos® foam gripper head provides sweet success

The palletizing efficiency is doubled since the single Kenos® gripper picks multiple boxes of different sizes and weights.

piFLOW®t with piGENTLE®

Future proof conveying system for handling different types of tablets in a gentle but efficient way

We observed during the tests that piFLOW®t with piGENTLE® gave outstanding results.

Press shop

Friction cups increase production by 33%

The Piab DCF friction cups released the parts much faster as compared to the competitive cups allowing to increase the press speed going from 10 SPM to 13 SPM.

Reduced assembly costs thanks to a piCOMPACT® all-in-one ejector

Reduced assembly costs thanks to a piCOMPACT® all-in-one ejector

By changing over to our piCOMPACT® vacuum ejector, the customer reduced the installation effort thus saving time.


Split conveyor system proves ideal for contamination issue

With Piab's vacuum conveyor piFLOW®f the exposure to allergenic product is minimal and the cleaning process is decreased significantly.

Stamping line with Piab friction cups

Piab friction cups stamp out almost 700,000 more parts

The Piab friction cups provide a strong grip on oily surfaces and can withstand high shear forces resulting in parts no longer dropped and savings in damaged parts.

Dust-free filling

Dust-free filling thanks to the piFLOW®t vacuum conveyor with pre-separator

The customer opted for the Piab solution because we were able to achieve almost dust-free filling of the drying agent.

piFLOW®t tablet conveyor

Strong reduction of chipping tablets by using our piFLOW®t tablet conveyor with pre-separator

The tablets can now be transported more product-friendly, resulting in a considerable reduction of scrap products.

SAR robot with piCOMPACT®10X

SAR – A robot integrator saves 50% of air costs

The customer could use the robot to its full potential and still save 50% on air. Also, the installation time was extremely fast.

Vacuum conveyor piFLOW®f

Sugar sieving output increased by 30% in the Confectionary/Candy segment

The process is now automated and due to less downtime for cleaning, the customer achieves a capacity increase of 30%.

Split unit vacuum conveyor

Piab vacuum conveyor solves contamination issue

The split design of the Piab vacuum conveyor fulfilled the customer’s need of isolating the filter from the product receiver.

piFLOW®p vacuum conveyor

Safety first for chemical company using Piab vacuum conveyors

Piab’s dust-tight design reduced product loss to atmosphere providing for a cleaner, safer work environment and less product waste.

Suction cup RB20x40P

70% improvement of the robot's production

With the rectangular suction cup RB20x40P and COAX® technology, they improved their productivity by 70% as they dramatically decreased the number of dropped products.

Value Line® suction cups lifting a box

A global OEM in the packaging industry

The OEM achieved their goal of reducing costs with this machine while still meeting their productivity goal. The end-customer saw an increase in productivity with a reduction in the accident rate and ergonomic problems.

Kenos KVG grippers to improve productivity in metal sheet handling

Kenos KVG grippers to improve productivity in metal sheet handling

By using Piab's Kenos® KVG grippers, Automation Technology produced an advanced line for galvanized sheets, optimizing cycle times as well as operator safety.


Piab and Kenos tools enable safe street lighting manufacture

Italian system integrator MVQuadro used Kenos® FlexiGrip KFG grippers and an array of suction cups from Piab to successfully assist a manufacturer of street lights.

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